Wizard Walk is HERE!

What is Wizard Walk?

Wizard Walk - September 28th

8:00am to Noon @ Westchase Recreation Center Field

Wizard Walk is a fun, healthy fundraiser, sponsored by Durrett Orthodontics and Miner Corporation, that will raise much-needed funds to support ALL PTA programs and events. Remaining proceeds will be applied to an ongoing capital campaign to build a new playground near the covered picnic tables. The 2015-16 PTA Executive Board earmarked $25,000 for this project. An additional $35,000 is needed to break ground. 

Your Westchase Elementary PTA hopes to make this year’s Wizard Walk an EVEN BIGGER fundraising event than last year! Our goals are to have 100% participation from our students and to raise $60,000, and we need your help to achieve it! So, get excited, get involved, and reach out to friends and family to support your child and your school! 


How is Wizard Walk different than other fundraisers?

Wizard Walk is fully-managed by PTA volunteers and school staff members. This means that more of the funds raised will directly benefit our school. The fundraiser was carefully constructed to include numerous schoolwide and classroom incentives with less emphasis on toys and prizes. Character lessons on kindness and teamwork have also been integrated.

We have replaced the traditional pledge-per-lap format in favor of flat donations. Please share the information (via the link below or donation form) with your friends, family, and co-workers, but please DO NOT solicit donations by door-knocking. Student safety is our first priority.

What to Expect on Event Day

Your Westchase Elementary PTA will kick off Wizard Walk with an exciting student pep rally. Wizard Walk will be held on Wednesday, September 28 from 8am to Noon at the Westchase Recreation Center Field. 

Wizard Walk is a walk, not a run, and everyone is invited to participate! Parents, grandparents, and siblings may all walk with the students in a relaxed, fun environment. There will be music, themed laps, and plenty of water to keep everyone cool. Guests must check in at the front office or by the picnic tables near the teachers' parking lot before proceeding to the Recreation Center Field.

Parent Sign-in & Parking:   The Rec Center parking lot will be closed. Parents are encouraged to park in the teacher parking lot in the back of the school next to the Multi-Purpose Room after 8am for the Walk.  We will have a parent sign-in available at the picnic tables by the bus area or front office. All parents on campus must have a Wizard Walk Visitor Sticker or a Volunteer sticker. We will have a “First Aid” station at the Rec Center (e.g., bandaids, Gatorade, ice) run by parent volunteers. We will be using the Westchase Elementary School rest rooms located in the Teachers Lounge.
Please arrive about 10 minutes before the start time to ensure you get to cheer on the classes as they enter the “walk” area – we have a special “Parent High-Five” area. Wizard Walk times are listed below.
  • 8:15am-9:15am         Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and iPEEPS
  • 9:30am-10:30am       2nd Grade & 3rd Grade
  • 10:45am-11:45am     4th Grade & 5th Grade 


Please Register Your Child

Each child will have his or her own, secure webpage to track their progress as well as their class & school. They can also send out a donation request through email and Facebook to family and friends. The online registration and pledging is supported by the “Get Movin' Crew”.

Thank you for your support. We hope to see you at Wizard Walk!


We will mainly be using school-wide incentives in keeping with our TEAM approach. Anyone who donates will receive a “ticket” that can be redeemed for a Spirit Stick on any “Spirit Friday” during the school year. 
Our School-wide Incentives are:
    School Raises:                                        ALL Students Receive:
    $5,000                                                    Students get to eat their lunch in the classroom
    $10,000                                                  Special Wizard Walk Spirit Stick
    $20,000                                                  Class Decides Fun Day:  Sock Day, Wacky Dress Day
    $30,000                                                  Wizard Walk Water Bottle (used on walk day)
    $40,000                                                  Extra Recess
    $50,000                                                  Movie & Popcorn Day
    $60,000                                                  NO HOMEWORK FOR A WEEK
    $70,000                                                  Special Assembly Dance Party
    $80,000                                                  School-wide Picnic (Pizza, Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy)


Each class has a classroom goal (K – 3 = $1,100 and 4 – 5 = $1,200). Each class that reaches its goal receives an Ice Pop Party and is entered into a drawing for a Big Bucket of school supplies and PE Toys.


The grade that raises the most money will win a 1-hour water day party. This fun time will include water-inspired games and shaved ice treats for the whole grade. Games include: water bucket relays, sponge dodgeball, and wet-n-wild kickball games.
Starting on Sept 20th, we will hold daily drawings for special Spirit Stick unique gifts, such as key chains, Minecraft spirit sticks, pencil boxes, pens, and more.
Please make sure that any donations sent into the school are marked with your child's name and teacher in order to ensure they receive credit.  
Thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing everyone at our Wizard Walk on September 28th!

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