Homeroom Parent Guide


  • The key duty of a HR Parent is to help keep an open line of communication with the classroom parents & teacher pertaining to class and school-wide activities.
  • Classroom odd jobs (e.g., collecting money, creating rosters, helping with centers, making copies, library, etc).
  • Volunteering (and getting volunteers) for events for your classroom and school-wide.


Reason we chose email as the preferred method of communication:

  • A few years back, Westchase decided to Go Green.  In keeping with the Green system, it was decided to cut back on the use of paper, whether that be newsletters, flyers, calendars, or signup sheets.


Email Parent/Email Tree:

  • Please be sure you or another parent in your classroom is willing to pass along information to the class via email.  If it is not passed along, they will miss important information, dates, activities, or deadlines.  Much of the school information is ONLY passed through the HR Parents.


Collection of monies for gifts:

  • Gifts – We ask that you limit the amount of times you collect money for your teacher.  The customary times are at the holidays, Teacher Appreciation Week, and at the end of the year.  Many homeroom parents combine the collection of monies so as not to overwhelm the parents.  It’s understandable that other events come up throughout the year (e.g., weddings, birthdays, babies); we just ask that you are sensitive to the number of times you are asking for donations and remind you to always put in your requests “all donations are optional and any amount is appreciated”.


Teacher Appreciation Week:

  • The PTA does something special for the teacher’s every day during Teacher Appreciation Week.  We ask that you follow the PTA’s appreciation gift ideas and only have the children bring in gifts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  This way, every teacher is treated the same.  Also, please give parents a heads up to let them know Teacher Appreciation Week is approaching to better help them plan.
  • Monday – Flower
  • Wednesday – Homemade Card
  • Friday – Special Treat (find out what they like sweet, salty, etc.)


The following are NOT homeroom parent duties:

  • It is not your job to finance gifts, crafts, etc., for your classroom/teacher.  Occasionally, the makeup of the classroom is a challenging one for the homeroom parent.  Volunteers and/or donations may be limited.  You will know very soon if you have one of these classrooms.  If you do, do not panic.  It is not your responsibility to finance the classroom.  Trust me, your teacher is already aware of the type of participation they will have with the class.  GET CREATIVE.  Have the kids write notes or make a scrapbook for class gifts, etc.  It does not have to be expensive.
  • It is not your job to be at school every day.  Some teachers want more help than others.  Your teacher will guide you on their needs.  Email or call your parents, and give everyone the opportunity to volunteer.  SIGN UP GENIUS is an awesome tool to use for volunteering and donations.  Most parents are just waiting to be asked before they volunteer and become involved.



If you are interested in becoming more involved in the PTA, please feel free to contact the PTA President, Laura Kohler.  The board is elected before the close of the school year.  We would love for anyone who is interested to volunteer or even shadow this year in the position for you are interested to help you better understand and prepare for next year.


HR PARENT LIAISON – Tami Daniels   tdaniel6@tampabay.rr.com

PRESIDENT – Laura Kohler   president@westchasepta.org

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