BOOK BAKERS CUPCAKES! – Thursday K-3, $95 Taught by 3rd grade teachers Mrs. Clements and Mrs. Rosello

Children's literature comes to life in the kitchen! Book Bakers combines fun, children's literature, and cupcake decoration. This class will motivate young readers to enjoy a story, and then learn how to decorate cupcakes to look like the characters in the book.  **Please be advised that this club may not be suitable for children with food allergies.

NEW! COSMIC KIDS YOGA – Thursday 1-3, $95 Taught by art teacher Mrs. Anderson and Coach Lockwood

Students will participate in children's yoga sessions learning poses and breathing techniques. Relax, stretch, breathe and have fun! Yoga mats will be provided.

NEW! CLAYMATION – Thursday 3-5, $95 Please visit for more information.

Learn to produce your very own Claymation movie! You will develop a storyline, make clay characters, film the action using stop animation techniques, edit the movie, and copy the final movie to a flash drive or other device you bring to class. Once you are finished with the class, you’ll be ready to produce more of your own films at home.

CRICUT CLUB – Thursday 3-5, $95 Taught by Meygan Jackson and 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Rodriguez

In this club, we will make crafts using vinyl to decorate anything from a pencil box to a favorite water bottle.  You will even have a chance to design a tshirt, lunchbox or book bag.  The possibilities are endless!

DRAMA KIDS – Thursday K-5, $95, Please visit for more information

Drama Kids is a creative drama and literacy enrichment program where kids “act up” with a purpose. A place where you can be yourself! This workshop teaches public speaking skills through the wonderful world of drama. Drama Kids thrives on giving children the best gift ever: the gift of confidence.

NEW! EDIBLE ART – Thursday K-5, $95 Taught by 1st grade teacher Mrs. Ramella and AGP teacher Miss O’Farrell

Do you like art and food?  Then this class is for you!  We will be making yummy fun after school snacks into neat pictures, animals, maybe even jewelry!  If you want to learn how to make fun, delicious snacks yourself, please sign up!  **please note: kids will be needing to use plastic knives for the class so please only sign up if you approve this.  Also, if there is an allergy, we will try to work with you if your child wants to sign up.

GYMNASTICS – Thursday 1-5, $95 Please visit for more information.

My Gym Children’s Fitness is designed to develop body strength and flexibility. Students will focus on learning progressive gymnastics skills such as rolling skills, handstand, walkovers, cartwheels and walkovers.

NEW! KICKBOXING AND ZUMBA – Thursday 1-4, $95 Taught by 2nd grade teachers Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Carroll

Participants will be engaged in a group fitness class that is a combination of kickboxing and zumba. The two fitness classes will alternate weeks and participants will build stamina, improve coordination, and flexibility.

NEW! LEGO: MASHUP CLASS! – Thursday K-5, $95 Please visit for more information

In our new Spring After School LEGO® class, your child will learn science, technology, engineering, math and the arts with a different LEGO® model build theme each week, such as Ninjago, Star Wars, Superheroes & Villains, Minecraft and much more!  Your Master Builder will have a chance to create motorized models, color brick builds and our LEGO® Mosaics!  Have fun building LEGO® Jedi Knights from Star Wars, a 3-D LEGO® Minion, or Captain America’s shield out of LEGO® bricks! Explore the legend of Ninjago Spinjitzu one week and build a Minecraft Creeper the next!

MARTIAL ARTS – Thursday K-2, $95 Please visit for more information.

Bensinger Academy of Martial Arts offers athlete conditioning, character building, and a structured curriculum to develop skilled martial arts. The program is led by Master Instructor Lauren Bensinger who is a world class competitor and a certified Black Belt in Karate and Taekwondo. BAMA specializes in youth students aged 3-18 and adults.

NEW! RUN AND STRETCH CLUB – Thursday 1-4, $95 Taught by 2nd grade teachers Mrs. Pate and Mrs. Poteet

We will begin each day with a run and exercises to build up to meet a goal of running one mile by the end of the 8 weeks. After each run, we will unwind with imaginative yoga to stretch and relax our muscles. Open to boys and girls.

SPANISH 101 – Thursday 2-5, $95 Taught by Spanish teacher Senora Cooper

Hola! Bienvenidos! Are you interested in learning beginning Spanish? Come experience in an interactive and exciting way of learning the language!

NEW! SPORTS CONDITIONING – Thursday 3-5, $95 Please visit for more information

All participants in our sports conditioning class will improve skills in the following areas: speed, agility, footwork, active stretching, and overall total body conditioning that will help them in any sport. Athletes will go through a series of exercises and fun games to help condition their bodies and minds for athletic competition or just an overall fitness goal.

SPORTS EXTRAVAGANZA –Thursday 3-5, $95 Taught by 5th grade teachers Mr. Choura, Mr. Heringer and Coach Jackson.

Play Ball with Mr. Choura and Mr. H and Coach Jackson! We will be playing kickball, wiffle ball and disc golf. Open to both boys and girls.

SUPER SLEUTHS – Thursday 3-5, $95 Taught by 4th grade teachers Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Falcon

The Super Sleuths: After School Detectives class will provide a scenario, suspects, clues and forensic evidence for students to use in order to solve a mystery/crime.