ALL SPORTS – Thursday K-2, $115 Please visit for more information

This class consists of teaching the basics of all sports including: basketball, soccer, football, lacrosse and more! Our coaches incorporate life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and respect into all sports lessons.  All participants get exposed to a wide variety of sports and games while having fun.


NEW! CHEERLEADING – Thursday K-2, $115 Please visit for more information

After a warm up, students will learn all of the fundamentals of cheerleading. Cheers, motions, dance, jumps and kicks.  Each week they will learn a short routine for practice to showcase what they have learned.  Shirt included.


CRAFTY KIDS - Thursday K-3, $115   Taught by 3rd Grade teachers Mrs. Rosello and Mrs. Clements

Do you like arts and crafts? Do you like to cut, glue, and paint? If you said yes, this club is for you. We will complete several new fun projects.  We will paint, we will glue, and we will make new friends while having fun. It’s your chance to get creative!


NEW! CREATIVE ARTS – Thursday 3-5, $115 Taught by art teacher Mrs. Anderson and Coach Lockwood

Students will create 2-D and 3-D artwork using various materials. We will be drawing, painting, using clay and much more!


NEW! DISCOVERY ZONE – Thursday 3-5, $115 Please visit for more information

Come explore a variety of topics through fun, hand-on sessions in which you engage in authentic topic related activities, make items to take with you and receive ideas for further discovery at home. Class topics include cartooning, architecture, flight, puppet making, pop-up card making, mysteries in chemistry and visual illusions.


DRAMA KIDS – Thursday K-5. $115, Please visit for more information

Drama Kids is a creative drama and literacy enrichment program where kids “act up” with a purpose. A place where you can be yourself! This workshop teaches public speaking skills through the wonderful world of drama. Drama Kids thrives on giving children the best gift ever: the gift of confidence.


NEW! EDIBLE SCIENCE – Thursday 3-5, $115 Taught by AGP teachers Ms. O’Farrell and Mrs. Ragsdale

Are you a Chef at heart and love Science? Join us for "Edible Science" where your child becomes a scientific chef. We will be learning about science topics and creating edible investigations and builds with various edible ingredients.  **Please be advised that this club may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


FLAG FOOTBALL - Thursday 4-5, $115   Taught by 5th grade teachers, Mr. Choura and Mr. Heringer and Coach Jackson

Think you’ve got what it takes to be on Mr. H's, Mr. Choura or Coach Jackson’s football team?  Join after school flag football with one of them as your quarterback!


GLITZ AND GLAM NAILS – Thursday 3-5, $115 Taught by 3rd grade teachers Mrs. Pires and Mrs. Rodriguez

Join us for a weekly painting of nails using a variety of design techniques, colors and creativity.  Nail polish remover may be used for students who need to wipe away old nail polish to prepare for the new week.


NEW! INTRO TO CODING – Thursday 2-5, $115 Taught by 1st grade teacher Mrs. Ramella and VE teacher Mrs. Arnold

Do you like computers and video games?  Are you interested in how they work?  Then come join us for Introduction to Coding!  We will be working in the computer lab and we will be learning about how to write simple code and what it is.  Come join us for some techy fun!


NEW! INTRO TO LACROSSE – Thursday 3-5, $115 Please visit for more information

The goal of our “learn to howl after school” program is to create a positive and fun learning experience, allowing players to gain a basic knowledge of America’s first and fastest growing sport. The first few weeks will be focused on the basic skills of Lacrosse and will transition into small field groups. We will be using Lacrosse Soft Sticks, the same ones approved and used in Hillsborough County Schools. Each player will receive a game pinnie, sport shirt and drawstring bag.


NEW! LEGO CITY: FIRST RESPONDER – Thursday K-5, $115 Please visit for more information

In our new fall class, inspire courage and public service with our LEGO City theme by building and learning about First Responders such as firefighters, police officers and even our faithful friends from K-9 units. Infused with fun facts and heroic stories from real life situations, First Responders is sure to have a lasting impact on your young Master Builders to do great things!


MARTIAL ARTS - – Thursday K-2, $115 Please visit for more information.

Bensinger Academy of Martial Arts offers athlete conditioning, character building, and a structured curriculum to develop skilled martial arts. The program is led by Master Instructor Lauren Bensinger who is a world class competitor and a certified Black Belt in Karate and Taekwondo. BAMA specializes in youth students aged 3-18 and adults 18 and up.


NEW! MASTER TYPERS -  Thursday 2-5, $115 Taught by 5th grade teachers Ms. Molina and Mrs. Barrett

Students will strive to become proficient at the art of typing. Our lessons will be web based in which students will practice each lesson until they have mastery of the keyboard. Students will also be learning the basic computer vocabulary, as well as, keyboard functions and commands. Students will practice by using their own text, news feeds, and typing articles. Lastly, they will learn the basic rules of typing.


SPANISH 101 – Thursday 1-5, $115 Taught by Spanish teacher Senora Cooper

Hola! Bienvenidos! Are you interested in learning beginning Spanish? Come experience in an interactive and exciting way of learning the language!


NEW! SUPER SLEUTHS – Thursday 3-5, $115 Taught by 4th grade teachers Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Falcon

The Super Sleuths: After School Detectives class will provide a scenario, suspects, clues and forensic evidence for students to use in order to solve a mystery/crime. 


NEW! WIZARD WORKOUT BOOTCAMP – Thursday 2-4, $115 Taught by 2nd grade teachers Mrs. Pate and Mrs. Poteet.

This class will be a boot camp style fitness class. Kids will be doing obstacles and drills for all developmental levels. Each class will be different and challenging invigorating the mind and body.


ZUMBA – Thursday 1-4, $115 Please visit for more information

My Gym Children’s Fitness is a fun filled class perfect for kids who just want to dance. Students will learn fun age-appropriate dance moves and combinations, danced to their favorite music.