ALL SPORTS - Wednesday K-3, $95   Please visit for more information.

This class consists of teaching the basics of all sports including: basketball, soccer, football, lacrosse and more! Our coaches incorporate life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and respect into all sports lessons. All participants get exposed to a wide variety of sports and games while having fun

ART – Wednesday 2-5, $95 Taught by Spanish teacher Mrs.Cooper

Do you like being creative? Do you like arts and crafts? Then this may be for you.  We will be creating a craft every week from artistic cards, jewelry to emojis.  Bring your inner artist out for some fun!

NEW! CARTOON DRAWING – Wednesday K-2, $95 Taught by 1st grade teacher Mrs. Pierson

Have you ever wanted to be able to draw your favorite cartoon character? Come join Mrs. Pierson for a drawing adventure!  Mrs. Pierson has her Bachelors in Commercial Art and worked as a graphic artist before receiving her teaching certification. You will learn to draw you favorites from Classic Disney to Superheroes with her simple step by step lessons.

CHESS – Wednesday K-5, $95 Please visit for more information.

Come join us and become a Wizard on the Chess Board!  Classes include instruction and hands-on play with your team mates. Learn fundamentals of chess, as well as advanced tactics and winning strategies. We invite all ages and skill levels to join in on the fun!

CRAFTY KIDS - Wednesday K-3, $95 Taught by 3rd Grade teachers Mrs. Rosello and Mrs. Clements

Do you like arts and crafts? Do you like to cut, glue, and paint? If you said yes, this club is for you. We will complete several new fun projects.  We will paint, we will glue, and we will make new friends while having fun. It’s your chance to get creative!

CURIOSITY CLUB - Wednesday K-2, $95 Please visit for more information.

Join us for a fun, engaging exploration of science, history, art and other areas of interest in theme-based sessions that include hands-on activities and making something to take home. Session themes include Bubbles, Dinosaurs, Flower Power, Sweets in Science, Simple Machines, Electricity, and Finger Puppets. 

NEW! FLAG FOOTBALL – Wednesday 2-3, $95 Taught by Westchase parent Chris Trautmann

Children will learn and practice specific skills useful for playing football as well as learning the basic rules of the game and positions. More importantly, they will learn how to work as part of a team and to accept the direction of a coach.

FLAG FOOTBALL - Wednesday 4-5, $95   Taught by 5th grade teachers, Mr. Choura and Mr. Heringer and Coach Jackson

Think you’ve got what it takes to be on Mr. H's, Mr. Choura or Coach Jackson’s football team?  Join after school flag football with one of them as your quarterback!

MARTIAL ARTS - – Wednesday 3-5, $95 Please visit for more information.

Bensinger Academy of Martial Arts offers athlete conditioning, character building, and a structured curriculum to develop skilled martial arts. The program is led by Master Instructor Lauren Bensinger who is a world class competitor and a certified Black Belt in Karate and Taekwondo. BAMA specializes in youth students aged 3-18 and adults.

MASTER TYPERS -  Wednesday 2-5, $95 Taught by 5th grade teachers Mrs. Molina and Mrs. Barrett

Students will strive to become proficient at the art of typing. Our lessons will be web based in which students will practice each lesson until they have mastery of the keyboard. Students will also be learning the basic computer vocabulary, as well as, keyboard functions and commands. Students will practice by using their own text, news feeds, and typing articles. Lastly, they will learn the basic rules of typing.

MUSICAL THEATER – Wednesday 1-5, $95 Please visit for more information

Show on the Road is proud to work with the students of Westchase Elementary School to present songs and scenes from The Little Mermaid Jr.! In this course students will practice audition skills, learn how to study script, develop their favorite characters from Under the Sea and have the opportunity to make their own props. The course ends with a performance for family and friends during the last class.

NEW! NINJA TRAINING - Wednesday K-3, $95 Please visit for more information

Led by My Gym Children’s Fitness, Ninja Training students will develop strength, stamina, and agility in relays, conditioning exercises, games, team-building and, of course, obstacle courses. Kids will be challenged mentally and physically, while instilling a mindset of overcoming adversity.

NEW! S.T.E.A.M. ART – Wednesday 3-5, $95 Taught by AGP teacher Miss O’Farrell and 1st grade teacher Mrs. Ramella

Is your child obsessed with STEAM – Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Math?  In this club, students will be exploring and using these components with the emphasis on Art. Let’s make some masterpieces with the use of robots, make geodes, pendulum and splat painting and much more!

NEW! TOP CHEF JUNIOR – Wednesday 3-5, $95 Taught by Westchase guidance counselors Mrs. Rivenburg and Mrs. Rosado

Come get your whip on and try out your skills in the no bake "kitchen". We will spend each week creating delicious treats, designing a "no bake" cookbook and learning some of the in and outs of food that tastes delicious together and doesn't need to be cooked! No cooking experience necessary, just a love of creating and a set of taste buds ready to dive in! ***Please be advised that this club may not be suitable for children with food allergies.