ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 3rd GRADER? – Wednesday 3-5, $115 Taught by 4th grade teachers Mrs. Falcon and Mrs. Watson

Have you ever imagined being a contestant on a TV game show?  Are you a great team player that enjoys competition?  This class will be sure to engage and challenge students as they participate in mock ups of some of the most popular TV game shows. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of trivia playing Jeopardy, visual interpretation skills with Win Lose or Draw, speed and coordination with Minute to Win It and foundational skills with Are You Smarter Than a 3rd Grader.


NEW! ART – Wednesday 1-5, $115 Taught by Spanish teacher Mrs.Cooper

Do you like being creative? Do you like arts and crafts? Then this may be for you.  We will be creating a craft every week from artistic cards, jewelry to emojis.  Bring your inner artist out for some fun!


AWESOME ACCESSORIES – Wednesday 2-5, $115 Taught by AGP teacher Miss O’Farrell and 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Pires


Join us for an hour of fun making accessories!  Learn how to make keychains, headbands, bracelets and so much more!  Bring your craftiness and eye for sparkle as we use different color beads and string to make these crafts stand out.


BOOK BAKERS CUPCAKES! – Wednesday K-3, $115 Taught by 3rd grade teachers Mrs. Clements and Mrs. Rosello

Children's literature comes to life in the kitchen! Book Bakers - Cupcakes! combines fun, children's literature, and cupcake decoration. This class will motivate young readers to enjoy a story, and then learn how to decorate cupcakes to look like the characters in the book.  **Please be advised that this club may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


CHESS – Wednesday K-5, $115 Please visit for more information.

Come join us and become a Wizard on the Chess Board!  Classes include instruction and hands-on play with your team mates.  We invite all ages and skill levels to join in on the fun!


NEW! CRICUT CLUB – Wednesday 3-5, $115 Taught by Meygan Jackson and 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Rodriguez


In this club, we will make crafts using vinyl to decorate anything from a pencil box to a favorite water bottle.  You will even have a chance to design a tshirt, lunchbox or book bag.  The possibilities are endless!


NEW! CURIOSITY CLUB - Wednesday K-2, $115 Please visit for more information.

Join us for a fun, engaging exploration of science, history, art and other areas of interest in theme based sessions that each include hands-on activities and making something to take home. Sessions include Slimy Science, Native American Artifacts, Go Buggy, Rock Hound, Super Shells, Wacky Weather, Paper Bag Puppet Making, Create a Character, Rib-tickling Riddles and Perplexing Puzzles.


GYMNASTICS – Wednesday 1-5, $115 Please visit for more information.

My Gym Children’s Fitness is designed to develop body strength and flexibility. Students will focus on learning progressive gymnastics skills such as rolling skills, handstand, walkovers, cartwheels and walkovers.


NEW! HIP HOP DANCE – Wednesday 3-5, $115 Please visit for more information

After a warm up, students will learn a dance routine each week using several Hip-Hop styles and well as popular dance moves.  This class will encourage students to bring their own personality and individual style to each movement.  This class is designed for both boys and girls.  Shirt included.


NEW! KINDNESS CLUB – Wednesday K-5, $115 Taught by Westchase guidance counselors Mrs.  Rivenburg and Mrs. Rosado

In the club, we will spend time creating things to spread throughout the community and explore ways to help kindness spread through our school as well. Fun and crafts, making friends, fun and more fun!


MARTIAL ARTS – Wednesday K-5, $115 Please visit for more information.  


Bensinger Academy of Martial Arts offers athlete conditioning, character building, and a structured curriculum to develop skilled martial arts. The program is led by Master Instructor Lauren Bensinger who is a world class competitor and a certified Black Belt in Karate and Taekwondo. BAMA specializes in youth students aged 3-18 and adults 18 and up.


NEW! MASTER TYPERS -  Wednesday 2-5, $115 Taught by 5th grade teachers Ms. Molina and Mrs. Barrett

Students will strive to become proficient at the art of typing. Our lessons will be web based in which students will practice each lesson until they have mastery of the keyboard. Students will also be learning the basic computer vocabulary, as well as, keyboard functions and commands. Students will practice by using their own text, news feeds, and typing articles. Lastly, they will learn the basic rules of typing.


MUSICAL THEATER – Wednesday 1-5, $115 Please visit for more information

Join us for a class packed with singing, acting and dancing! Students begin with developing audition skills and repertoire, and continue to study character and script analysis, using songs and scenes from musical theatre. The course concludes with an in-class performance of scenes and songs from the musical, A Seussified Christmas Carol.


NXT ROBOTICS – Wednesday 4-5, $115 Taught by 5th grade teacher Mrs. Brown

In NXT Robotics you will get the chance to start computer coding and working with an intelligent brick. You will use various attachments to complete tasks on an obstacle course layout. From the participants, 8 students will be chosen to be members of a team that would compete against other schools in the district in May 2018!


NEW! READY TO GET MESSY – Wednesday K-5, $115 Taught by 1st grade teacher Mrs. Ramella and VE teacher Mrs. Arnold

Come join us for lots of messy, gooey fun!  Do you like slime?  Do you like getting your hands dirty?  Then this is the class for you!  We will be making all kinds of slimy creations!  We'll have lots of different ways to make slime and maybe even edible play-doh!  Come have fun with us and get slimed! **Please be advised that this club may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


NEW! SPORTS CONDITIONING – Wednesday 3-5, $115 Please visit for more information

All participants in our sports conditioning class will improve skills in the following areas: speed, agility, footwork, active stretching, and overall total body conditioning that will help them in any sport. Athletes will go through a series of exercises and fun games to help condition their bodies and minds for athletic competition or just an overall fitness goal.


SPORTS EXTRAVAGANZA – Wednesday 3-5, $115 Taught by 5th grade teachers Mr. Choura, Mr. Heringer and Coach Jackson.

Play Ball with Mr. Choura and Mr. H and Coach Jackson! We will be playing kickball, wiffle ball and disc golf. Open to both boys and girls.