Please use this link to sign up for Field Day!

Friday, March 13th is a Fun Day for all Grade levels and there are many opportunities to help throughout the day. Activities during the day are seperated by grade level, so please make sure you are signing up under the time and grade you really want. 

This is held at the school and at the Westchase Recreation Center (next door) so you will need to check-in at the school front office before going to your stations.

This is a school function, where participation is limited to school staff, teachers, students and volunteers only.  

It will be a busy day with people coming and going, so please allow time for parking, checking-in and getting to your stations. This is a very "hands on" event so please no siblings, this includes strollers and/or infant carriers. This will be strictly enforced. 

It is very important that you are on time for your shift.