• Tuesday, May 28th - Talent Show: Kids get to show off their talent for other 5th graders.   Sorry parents – this is a Kids ONLY event.


  • Wednesday, May 29th - Banquet:   The 5th Grade Banquet Committee will be turning the cafeteria into a magical castle for our Wizarding Gala.    Our Gala will include lunch, DJ with dancing, candy, photo booth, and more.  This is a KIDS ONLY EVENT.   Dress clothes encouraged.


  • Thursday, May 30th - Yearbook Signing:  All 5th graders and teachers will be together in the cafeteria for a light snack and yearbook signing celebration.  If you don’t have a yearbook, please bring a notebook for signatures.  This is a KIDS ONLY EVENT.
    • Yearbooks will be delivered on May 16th – but we are requesting that 5th graders keep theirs at school until May 30th for the yearbook signing.


  • Friday, May 31st - Awards/Clap Out – Calling all families and friends.     Please plan to attend our Awards Ceremony on the last day of school.  We are so proud of all our Wizards and everything they have accomplished thru-out their Elementary School years.   This is a special ceremony where we can recognize all their hard work – from academics to extra-curricular.   All students receive something.  Please bring your cameras as there will be lots of “picture perfect” moments.    Families will need to come in thru the office and then gather in the courtyard.    The Cafeteria doors will open around 8 and the ceremony will start at 8:15.  A link will be sent out to all families, so each family can download the slideshow made up of the pictures provided.    Dress clothes encouraged.




  1. Tuesday – Thursday events are for KIDS ONLY.     Parents will not be permitted onto campus for these events.
  2. Friday – ALL families and friends are invited to join us in the cafeteria
  3. Dress Clothes are encouraged for the Banquet and the Awards Ceremony.   For boys this is dress pants and button down shirt.   For girls, this is a dress or dress pants and fancy shirt.   Some kids go all-out and that is great too.   Please remember the dress clothes must still adhere to the Hillsborough County Dress Code.