Homeroom Parent Guide

5 Tips for Homeroom Parents

Thank you for volunteering to be homeroom parent!  You play a very important role in our Westchase Elementary community.  By supporting your classroom and sharing information with other parents, you help to keep parents and students connected through opportunities and events. Below are some tips to help you be successful!

1. Make Communication your top priority. This is the most important role of a homeroom parent.  The homeroom parent:

  • Ensures other parents within the class know about important events in the classroom and at school
  • Forwards communications from the PTA to the other parents of your class so that no one misses out on great opportunities to participate
  • Keeps the teacher in the loop on what is being sent to parents and the status of volunteer and supply request

2. Meet with the teacher you are supporting at the beginning of the school year to learn more about his or her expectations on your support for the classroom and to get a walkthrough of planned events.  This will give you the opportunity to be proactive and plan in advance. Some common tasks teachers depend on their homeroom parent for are:
  • Volunteering during classroom events
  • Getting volunteers for classroom and school events
  • Coordinating or planning activities for classroom centers/celebrations
  • Coordinating the collection of money or supplies

3. Engage the other parents in your class.  You are not in this alone and there is no need for you to live at the school. Most Westchase parents love to get involved. Reach out to the parents in your class to learn how they want to participate.  Some are creative, some like to volunteer time, and others might have a specific activity they are passionate about.  Most are happy to donate money or supplies for events as long as requests aren’t excessive or overly frequent.  It is a good practice to let folks know “donations are optional and any amount appreciated” when requesting money.  You are not responsible for financing activities.  If you are struggling to get donations, get creative and adjust the idea to a less expensive one. Don’t stress about it!

4. Review the school calendar so you can anticipate needs and opportunities for you and other parents in your class to get involved.  There are several events you may be asked to help with or help get volunteers from your class for that give parents opportunities to interact with their kids and teachers throughout the year.  Some of these events are:
  • Wizard Walk (Many volunteers needed for school wide event)
  • Fall Festival (Each class typically sponsors/hosts a game or concession booth for this school wide event)
  • Junior Achievement (Every grade needs a classroom volunteer)
  • Centers (Various times throughout the year depending on grade and teacher)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (Multiple opportunities and needs to show your teacher some extra love during this week!)
  • Gift of Time for teachers (Part of Teacher Appreciation Week, volunteer supervises the class so the teacher can enjoy a breakfast)
  • Field Day (Many volunteers needed for school wide event, parents only allowed on campus for this event if volunteering)

5. Leverage other homeroom parents for ideas or guidance.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to other parents on the distribution to learn their tips!  Many homeroom parents have been so for multiple years.  They have become experts at leveraging tools like Sign-up Genius to make sign-ups easy and have a go-to list of ideas for centers.  Everything is better when folks work together!

Keep Connected

There are lots of ways for you to stay in the know and great sources of information that will help you stay connected.  Here are some places for you to check out and follow:

*Every campus volunteer must complete a Hillsborough County Y.E.S form:


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