AWESOME ACCESSORIES - Wed Grades (K-5), $95 Taught by 4th grade teacher Mrs. Pires

Do you want style? Do you like color? Are you a fashionista? If you answered YES to these questions, then you are at the right place. Join us on Wednesdays to make fabulous accessories to add to your wardrobe. We look forward to seeing you!


BOOK BAKERS - Wed (Grades K-3), $95 Taught by 1st grade teachers Mrs. Clements and Mrs. Rosello

Children's literature comes to life in the kitchen! Book Bakers combines fun, children's literature, and cupcake decoration. This class will motivate young readers to enjoy a story, and then learn how to decorate cupcakes to look like the characters in the book.  **Please be advised that this club may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


CHEERLEADING - Wed (Grades K-2), $95 Taught by Beat by Beat.  Please visit for more information.

After warm ups students will learn all of the fundamentals of cheerleading. Cheers, Motions, Dance, Jumps, Kicks. Each week they will learn a short routine for practice to showcase what they have learned.


CODING - Wed (Grades 2-5), $95 Taught by Code Ninja. PLease visit for more information.

Learn computer coding and problem solving by building games with the team from Code Ninjas!


EDIBLE ART - Wed (Grades K-5), $95 Taught by 4th grade teacher Mrs. Heringer and 1st grade teacher Mrs. Ramella  

Do you like art and food?  Then this class is for you!  We will be making yummy fun after school snacks into neat pictures, animals, maybe even jewlery!  If you want to learn how to make fun, delicious snacks yourself, please sign up!  **Please note: kids will be needing to use plastic knives for the class so please only sign up if you approve this.  Also, if your child has food allergies, we will try to work with you if your child is interested in participating.


FLAG FOOTBALL - Wed (Grades 4-5), $95 Taught by 4th-5th grade teachers, Mr. Knapp and Mr. Heringer and Coach Jackson

Think you’ve got what it takes to be on Mr. H's, Mr. Knapp or Coach Jackson’s football team?  Join after school flag football with one of them as your quarterback!


LEGOS - Wed (Grades K-5), $95 Taught by Bricks 4 Kidz. Please visit for more information.

This semester will be our most creative yet! Students will learn all about science, technology, engineering, arts, and math through LEGO® bricks and our signature model builds. Learn about engineering and technology by building robotic LEGO® airplanes, artistic symmetry by creating LEGO® mosaic portraits, art sculpture and architecture by building LEGO® 3D models. Fun themes such as LEGO® STAR WARS, Superheroes, MINECRAFT, and other elements from pop culture will be used to teach students a whole new way to explore and create with LEGO® bricks! Anything is possible with Bricks 4 Kidz.


MARTIAL ARTS - Wed (Grades 3-5), $95 Taught by Bensinger Academy of Martial Arts. Please visit for more information.

Bensinger Academy of Martial Arts offers athlete conditioning, character building, and a structured curriculum to develop skilled martial arts. The program is led by Master Instructor Lauren Bensinger who is a world class competitor and a certified Black Belt in Karate and Taekwondo. BAMA specializes in youth students aged 3-18 and adults.


MASTER TYPERS - Wed (Grades 2-5), $95 Taught by 5th grade teachers Mrs. Molina and Mrs. Barrett

Students will strive to become proficient at the art of typing. The lessons will be web based in which students will practice each lesson until they have mastery of the keyboard. Students will also be learning the basic computer vocabulary, as well as, keyboard functions and commands. Students will practice by using their own text, news feeds, and typing articles. Lastly, they will learn the basic rules of typing.


MUSICAL THEATRE - Wed (Grades 1-5), $95 Taught by Show on the Road. Please visit for more information.

Show On The Road is happy to announce a musical theatre class where students will learn and perform ANNIE JR!!! All students will learn the music, dances and acting scenes from show! “It’s a Hard Knock Life”, “Never Fully Dressed” and of course “Tomorrow” will be fully choreographed to let all students shine and show off their talents. 


SOCCER STARS - Wed (Grades 2-4), $95 Taught by 3rd grade teachers Mrs. Pate and Mrs. Poteet

Teaching young wizards the world's favorite game, soccer! We will teach basic soccer skills through fun games and small group instruction!


SPORTS CONDITIONING - Wed (Grades 3-5), $95 Taught by Protential Sports. please visit for more information.

All participants in sports conditioning class will improve skills in the following areas: speed, agility, footwork, active stretching, and overall total body conditioning that will help them in any sport. Athletes will go through a series of exercises and fun games to help condition their bodies and minds for athletic competition or just an overall fitness goal.


TOP CHEF JUNIOR - Wed (Grades 3-5), $95 Taught by Westchase guidance counselors Mrs. Rivenburg and Mrs.Rosado

Come get your whip on and try out your skills in the no bake "kitchen". We will spend each week creating delicious treats, designing a "no bake" cookbook and learning some of the ins and outs of food that tastes delicious together and doesn't need to be cooked! No cooking experience necessary, just a love of creating and a set of taste buds ready to dive in! ***Please be advised that this club may not be suitable for children with food allergies.


WESTCHASE ORFFINs - Wed (Grades 4-5), $50 Taught by Music teacher Mr.King

Students will have the opportunity to learn about and perform on Orff instruments. These instruments include barred percussion instruments such as xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels. Auxiliary percussion such as drums, cymbals, maracas, etc. will also be added to the music we make. The students will learn proper mallet technique through various warm up activities and perform a variety of different styles of music. The “grand finale” of this class will be an evening concert date TBA.